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HPE and Intel create IoT partnership

November 19, 2015  

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has formed an alliance with Intel Corp. to deliver open standards based Internet of Things (IoT) offerings they said will enable organizations to quickly gain insights and create value from the growing amount of data collected from devices and sensors.

HPE and Intel also plan to establish three global IoT solutions labs in Houston, Grenoble and Singapore.

“The rapid evolution in technology is creating a distributed, digital world where data is everywhere, presenting new opportunities for organizations to capture value” the two said in a release.

“In fact, the International Data Corporation forecasts that the global IoT market will grow to US$1.7 trillion in 2020 as more devices, purpose-built platforms and services proliferate and disrupt the IT status quo. Organizations will need to harness 100% of the data that matters to them, regardless of source, to inform business decisions and drive results.”


The future of IoT is moving intelligence and analysis outside of the traditional data centre to the edge, they said, adding that “increased intelligence at the edge of an organization’s network will allow faster access to relevant data, require less bandwidth to transport useless data, and ultimately accelerate the time to insight for enterprises.”

“Achieving business outcomes from IoT can be daunting for organizations today due to the complexity of integrating many heterogeneous systems and technologies across devices, edge, network and data centers,” said Alain Andreoli, senior vice president and general manager of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Servers.