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Honeywell launches Forge for Buildings

A cloud-based software that will help optimize and transform building portfolios using advanced data analytics.

June 6, 2019  

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ForgeHoneywell has launched a new software solution, called Honeywell Forge, that converts massive quantities of data from equipment, processes and people into intuitive, actionable insights that enable monitoring of enterprise operations from a single screen.

Honeywell Forge for Buildings is intended to revolutionize the management of building portfolios by helping business owners and operators decrease operating expenses, improve energy consumption and manage space optimization across an entire building portfolio while also enhancing the individual occupant experience.

“Buildings house incredible and powerful data on the performance and usage of the building; however, if that data is difficult to access, interpret or use for meaningful insights, it doesn’t help drive a customer’s business,” said David Trice, vice president and general manager, Honeywell Connected Enterprise, Buildings, in a media release.

“We are transforming building operations via enterprise software that allows owners and operators to get more out of their building data in order to drive significant business results. Honeywell Forge for Buildings is open, extensible, intelligent and easy to use. You can turn on a building in a day or less and review the operations of a building from anywhere.”


When fully deployed, Honeywell Forge for Buildings aims to help reduce the operating expense of a building portfolio by up to 25% by providing visibility, monitoring and control of all building systems and processes across an entire portfolio of buildings.