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Hbc extends telco provider contract with Sprint Canada

Sprint Canada Inc. and Hudson's Bay Company (Hbc) today announced a four-year agreement through which Sprint will c...

June 3, 2004  

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Sprint Canada Inc. and Hudson’s Bay Company (Hbc) today announced a four-year agreement through which Sprint will continue to provide voice, data and Internet connectivity to all Bay, Zellers and Home Outfitters stores nation-wide.

Sprint has been an Hbc telecommunications provider since 2001.

In addition to providing long distance, toll free, audio conferencing and automated integrated voice response services for Hbc, under the new agreement, the company will also provide its IP Enabled Solutions to allowHbc to introduce new high-bandwidth applications into its store locations.

According to the two companies, they will allow Hbc to connect all sites through Sprint Canada’s private network-based VPN (virtual private network) to provide connectivity regardless of access types, as some Hbc locations use digital subscriber line technology while others connect via frame relay.

“We were ready to upgrade to an IP based network to meet our growing needs, but at the same time we require a high level of reliability to support our mission-critical applications,” said Gary Davenport, vice president and chief information officer, Hudson’s Bay Company.

Sprint Canada launched its IP Enabled Solutions in September 2003. The new technology is designed to allow businesses to easily establish new IP based networks or transition existing networks to IP based services without additional capital outlay.