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Future bright for structured cabling sector, new report finds

March 21, 2018  

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Typical business requirements and environments have intensified the need for structured and flexible data and voice cabling systemS, according to a new report released today and conducted by TMR Resarch.

TMR said the pressing need for flexible open systems that are vendor-independent in offices and work locations is a key factor driving the demand for structured cabling.

“The need for high-speed and reliable internet services and data transfers is a key factor bolstering the demand for structured cabling,” it said.

“Various initiatives undertaken by vendors to modernize communication network and the rising demand for robust telecommunication network drive the market. A surge in number of internet providers in several emerging economies bodes well for the structured cabling market.”

Advancements made in telecom network used by corporate sector is a notable factor boosting the market, TMR notes. In addition, the substantially rising demand for enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a key trend contributing to the growth of the market. There is a marked trend of moving customer relationship management (CRM) application to data centres hosted by a third party for various commercial institutions.

“This is a notable factor fortifying the demand for structured cabling in various developing and developed regions,” the report states. “A number of leading players are focusing on strategic mergers and acquisitions in order to consolidate their operational areas. They are also expanding their geographical outreach to strengthen their shares in the overall market. North America has emerged as a prominent market for structured cabling.”

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