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Frost & Sullivan delves into Industry 4.0 & security

December 23, 2015  

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The movement toward digital transformation in manufacturing, utilities, transportation, and grids has highlighted the need for industrial control systems (ICS) security during the design phase, says Frost & Sullivan.

“In recent years, industrial control systems used in the automation of industrial plants were increasingly connected to the Internet for its benefits,” said Frost & Sullivan senior industry analyst Charles Lim. “However, cyber security was not part of the original design process, which made the systems vulnerable to cyber threats.

“Therefore, it is vital that the industry understands the threats pertaining to operational technology and ensure that the right cyber security solutions are in place to address this.” In response to customers’ concerns, ICS security vendors are working on technologies that can be implemented without affecting the availability of existing equipment or workstations.

Meanwhile, industries are becoming increasingly aware of the cyber attacks affecting plants’ uptime, the firm said.


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