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All-flash offering ‘unites’ Dell EMC ScaleIO, PowerEdge servers

September 16, 2016  

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Dell EMC yesterday announced Dell EMC ScaleIO Ready Node, a software-defined, all-flash offering running on Dell EMC PowerEdge x86 servers, which it said is designed to help customers transform and modernize their data centres by utilizing Dell EMC ScaleIO.

Considered by the company a key component of its Software-Defined Storage (SDS) portfolio, ScaleIO is scale-out, software-defined storage for block-based storage needs (commonly known as server SAN and considered an alternative to traditional SANs.

ScaleIO Ready Node all-flash configurations scale out and overcome the limitations of previous all-flash storage on server solutions that only supported a single application and, thus, were suitable for a narrow range of use cases. The ScaleIO Ready Node has a scale-out architecture, utilizing the power of all-flash to any and all workloads.

The SSD drives within the ScaleIO Ready Node work in parallel to help eliminate performance bottlenecks. The ability to take advantage of the aggregate performance of the SSDs in a single node makes it possible for performance to scale linearly as nodes are added. For applications that require ultra-high performance, the all-flash configurations support critical enterprise applications, back-up.

A 2016 Wikibon report projects the Enterprise Server SAN market to grow worldwide revenue at a 22% CAGR from 2015-2026, from US$2.5 billion in 2015 to US$22 billion in 2026.

According to Dell EMC, this growth is evidenced with hyper scale web companies rapidly redesigning large data centres by adopting software-defined solutions for the services they deliver – harnessing hardware simplicity and common frameworks for provisioning, management, pooling of storage capacity (GBs) and performance (IOPs), pervasive virtualization and containerization.

“The server SAN market is booming, signifying a rapid shift towards software-defined storage architectures,” said Stu Miniman, senior infrastructure and cloud analyst at Wikibon. “Users are increasingly evaluating software-based hyperconverged infrastructure solutions. The shift towards software-defined solutions does not obviate the need for reliable hardware and integration that allows organizations to simply and rapidly scale operations as needed.”