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Wanted: More Members

A key goal of BICSI's new director for the Canadian region is to increase the organization's awareness level.

January 1, 2007  

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On behalf of the 833 BICSI Canadian members, I want to thank Roman Dabrowski for all of his efforts during the time he served as the region’s director. I do not think anyone can appreciate how much time he has put into the position over the last four years.

During that time, Roman hosted 14 regional meetings at various locations across Canada. Meetings in Moncton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver, ensured that BICSI members had a chance to get together, network, and learn from industry experts on a wide variety of topics.

As well, members who are RCDDs were able to collect the CECs needed to retain their credentials and keep up with the knowledge needed to keep their hard-earned designations.

In speaking to Roman he has told me that the past four years have been an excellent experience for me, in meeting existing members, recruiting new members and supporting BICSI activities across Canada.”

He also wanted everyone to know that “though part of my responsibility as the Region Director was to set up these meetings, I could not have done so without the help of the many of you who personally helped me in setting up and providing excellent presentations for us all to enjoy.

“Hopefully, these sessions also encouraged members who were not RCDDs to take the exam and get the designation that recognizes their ambitions to better themselves and be a greater value to their employers and customers. Canadian members have the highest ratio of RCDDs to members, which reflects our dedication to our industry and to BICSI’s mission. And, I have always been proud of that fact.”


This article was composed during the first week of December and while my term will not officially begin until Jan. 24, the behind-the-BICSI-scenes look I have already gotten is surprising. Staff put a lot of time and effort into events like organizing BICSI regional meetings, conferences and elections.

I complement them all for the work they put in during Roman’s term and I look forward to working with them to serve all of you during the next two years.

I am also looking forward to the duties associated with the position.

The first Canadian BICSI event on my agenda is the Vancouver Conference, which will take place March 4-7.

For those of you who have a particular interest in the Olympics, we are planning to have several presentations related to preparations for the 2010 Winter Games. I look forward to meeting many of you at that event.

One of my goals as the Canadian Region Director is to increase awareness and knowledge about BICSI to individuals already working in and those interested in having a career in the information transport systems industry.

From coast to coast, I hear people in our industry saying how difficult it is to find knowledgeable people who view the physical layer infrastructure as something more than a POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) platform.

During the term of my predecessor, I helped coordinate several regional meetings in the Maritimes. We held two meetings in a local Technical School/Community College. The interest from students and staff was certainly enthusiastic.

This is the audience that will become our future designers, technicians and counterparts in the industry. I believe we should use regional meetings as a way not just to hear technical information and earn CECs, but as a chance to talk to people entering the ITS workforce about the benefits and challenges facing this industry.

These young and talented people may even work with us or for us someday and help resolve some of the issues that you and I face today.

At the very least, those students who attend will have a better understanding of what is important to those of us who work in the information transport industry today and what an association like BICSI and its members are trying to accomplish.

I would greatly appreciate hearing from you about hosting regional meetings. If you work at or have contacts at campuses or venues suitable for hosting a regional meeting, please contact me and perhaps we can organize a meeting at your site.

Finally, thank you for your support, and I look forward to meeting all of you soon.

Richard Smith is the Canadian Region Director of BICSI and the manager of Aliant Cabling Solutions in Moncton, N.B. He can be reached at