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A clip called Did You Know should be of particular interest for anybody either in or thinking of joining the ITS industry.

July 1, 2009  

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CONTRACTOR QUALIFICATIONS: Network contractor shall be a vendor-approved installer for the approved cable and equipment with 3 years experience and a member of BICSI, with at least one RCDD on staff.

At many BICSI presentations I am asked about or make reference to requests like the one above, which I receive on a surprisingly regular basis.

This one came to me on June 10. It is a quote from a spec, and a representative from a bidding company asked me if I knew of any available people meeting these requirements in the area of their office or the proposed job location.

I receive these requests from many areas of Canada and many appear to stem from previous bad experiences with ITS infrastructure projects where lack of technical knowledge has had some sort of negative impact.

Even though the economy is going through tough times, business and industry still have a very high percentage of the population employed. They are working in offices where there is a need for high level of quality of service needed for networks they use, which improves productivity and profitability.

If you are interested in knowing more or are concerned about what the future holds for a career in ITS infrastructure and where the demand for increasing network capacities will come from, visit youtube.comand search for “did you know” and select the 2008 version 3.0.

It offers some very interesting stats on what is of particular interest to those of us in the ITS infrastructure industry. The video clip is a 5 minute 16 second view of what is happening with technology around the world up to now.

There are many areas where BICSI Subject Matter Experts (SME) are focused these days. One area in which many have a lot of work is Electronic Safety and Security (ESS). As a matter of fact, BICSI’s 2009 Fall Conference & Exhibition, Sept 20-24 in Las Vegas, will offer BICSI’s ESS exam and credential for the first time.

BICSI’s newly published Electronic Safety and Security Design Reference Manual, 2nd edition, contains all the information someone seeking this professional accreditation needs to know to successfully pass the exam. More information is available at

Speaking of BICSI professional accreditations, here is the list of Canadians (as of June 15) who have acquired their RCDD credential during 2009: Michael D. Holley, Paul Underhay, Chris Fitzgerald, Faruk Darwesh, David Drury, Russell French Jr., Melody Li, Steven Manzer and Stephen Taylor. Jonathyn M. Ewen also earned BICSI’s Installer 1 designation. Complements and congratulations to all of you on all your hard efforts!

In the coming months, you will see more information being published about the 2010 BICSI Canadian Conference & Exhibition to be held May 2-5 in Montreal at the Hilton Bonaventure hotel. Until then, watch for BICSI Region Meetings being offered across Canada.

So far this year I have conducted BICSI meetings in Calgary, Saskatoon, Toronto, Montreal and Moncton. Currently, there is a region meeting scheduled for Algonquin College in Ottawa on October 22.

Conducting these meetings involves a certain amount of work from any Region Director, but BICSI also has very experienced and knowledgeable staff managing most of the logistics that happen behind the scenes, making these events a success.

Regardless, region events are certainly among the many benefits gained from holding the elected/volunteer position as a BICSI Region Director. During the first quarter of 2010, BICSI will be inviting interested Canadian BICSI members to consider offering in our election of Board of Director positions. The actual election happens during September 2010.

The two-year term will run from the BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition in January 2011 to the same conference in 2013. If you and your employer see benefits in you acting as BICSI’s next Canadian Region Director and you are at a point in your life where you have some flexibility to travel, let me know.

I would love to share more information with you about the experience, as well as answer any questions you may have. Please contact me at

As your Region Director, I am very pleased to inform you that BICSI’s Board of Directors approved 2009-2010 operating budget, which set a provision for a resource to work with me to complete a number of initiatives I have tabled as opportunities to improve the ITS industry here in Canada.

Some of these include working with technical schools to make BICSI credentials easier to gain and maintain, working with the federal government to use BICSI documents as reference material, and a number of other activities that will increase awareness and demand for BICSI-accredited expertise.

Richard Smith, RCDD, NTS, OSP, is the Canadian Region Director of BICSI and the manager of Aliant Cabling Solutions in Moncton, N. B. He can be reached at