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SystiMax goes for goal

'Go for Goal!' was the theme in late May at Toronto's bustling Hockey Hall of Fame as Avaya Canada hosted 'The Avaya SystiMax Structured Connectivity Solutions Conference 2002,' an intensive, five-hou...

July 1, 2002  

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‘Go for Goal!’ was the theme in late May at Toronto’s bustling Hockey Hall of Fame as Avaya Canada hosted ‘The Avaya SystiMax Structured Connectivity Solutions Conference 2002,’ an intensive, five-hour information series featuring the company’s structured cabling products.

But hockey soon took a back seat to World Cup Soccer, as North America Sales VP Peter Karlsson kicked off the event with a plug for Avaya’s global sponsorship of the 2002 FIFA World Cup, Korea. The Avaya-built World Cup network he outlined provides 40,000 multimedia connections between 20 stadiums, two international media centres and two headquarters in Korea and Japan. He then drove home the key message that technical development in the structured cabling industry is not standing still. “We’re spending more on R & D than ever before,” noted Karlsson.

High technology and open standards in the cable plant then took the spotlight, as Avaya Canada Sales Director Bob Kostash segued into the first of the day’s of six sessions, ‘Enabling Today’s Successful Enterprise.’ Noting that networks have become critical to every aspect of today’s business, Kostash pointed out that this, in turn, has placed a far more critical eye on the dependability and reliability of structured cable systems. Since the cabling is the least costly component in a network and provides the longest life-cycle of any other network component, added Kostash, using quality cable that exceeds current standards makes a lot of sense.

Session Two, ‘The Science Behind SYSTIMAX SCS — The Labs Effect’ was presented by Masood Shariff, Avaya’s representative on several cabling standards bodies. Shariff provided some interesting historical tidbits in an overview of SystiMax development milestones dating from the very first cable patent (by Alex Bell, July 10, 1891) to the very latest in cabling products coming from SystiMax Labs.

‘The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence” (Session 3) had Mike Barnick of Avaya’s Connectivity Solutions group providing an overview of how SystiMax products ‘best the standards.’

Shariff then reappeared for a brief presentation entitled, ‘The World of Standardisation’: A high-level fly-over of cable standards developments.

Session 5, ‘Ten Gigabit Per Second Optical Networking,’ presented by Vern Larson, Manager of Applications Engineering at Avaya Labs, provided an interesting rundown of optical transmission basics and detailed the benefits and challenges expected as voice and data networks converge.

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