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From IBM To Avanade Canada

May 29, 2015

It turned out to be a career move Jeff Gilchrist simply could not turn down. IBM Canada Ltd. certainly would have remained a safe haven for this executive – he had been with the firm’s Global Business Services unit for

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The Changing Cyber Security Scene

May 29, 2015

As cyber attacks go, this one would have been both impressive and financially crippling had it actually happened. Pharmaceutical firm Bromley Weyland partnering with County West General Hospital in a major drug trial in the U.S. involving 10 patients suddenly

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CENGN’s goal: Revive ICT Eco-System

May 25, 2015

The Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks, otherwise known as CENGN, is an industry-initiative not government-initiative and as a result, will function differently, says Rich Dusome, its president and CEO. “There is a big difference,” he told Connections+ in

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Musings & Forecasts From Barcelona

April 14, 2015

Mobile World Congress delivers many views on the current state of the ICT industry. Below is a sprinkling from the MWC 2015 edition, which took place last month in Barcelona, garnered either through one-on-one interviews with Connections+, press conferences and

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Attendance Record Set At MWC 2015

March 27, 2015

Barcelona, Spain – The annual telecom bonanza known as the Mobile World Congress again broke records with organizers estimating the event attracted 93,000 visitors from 200 countries. It featured more than 2,000 exhibiting companies housed in 100,000 net square metres

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Engineering To The Top

March 24, 2015

When Trina Alexson looks out across her organization for a next generation leader, the regional vice president with Cisco Systems Canada Co. is not watching for the engineers with perfect attendance or research reports that are completed on time and on

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SOTI’s Two Decade EMM Journey

March 13, 2015

The world of mobility was in a very different space 20 years ago when enterprise mobility management software vendor SOTI Inc. was first formed. Back then, its eventual revenue lifeline would be Pocket Controller Professional, a consumer product that contained

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How Secure Is Your Network?

February 27, 2015

Michel Juneau-Katsuya has seen it all when it comes to incidents of cyber security breaches and corporate espionage. The former senior intelligence officer with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), who started his career as a member of the RCMP,

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Age Of Digitization, Age Of Disruption

February 3, 2015

San Jose, Calif. – The overhauling by Cisco Systems Inc. in late January of its cloud infrastructure strategy was part of a three-pronged approach the company is betting its entire existence on – the digitization of everything, simplification of computational

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Ericsson, Vestberg and the 5G voyage

January 13, 2015

Stockholm – Hans Vestberg (pictured), the president and CEO of Ericsson and founding member of the Broadband Commission for Digital Development, is according to an article that ran on Saturday in the British newspaper The Independent, one of the world’s