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ITS and the knowledge factor

The association provides development courses, which support a range of globally-recognized credentials.

September 1, 2010  

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Keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in information technology systems (ITS) is essential to excel in your career. BICSI is a globally-recognized leader of ITS infrastructure best practices, standards development and education.

Through a network of Authorized Training Facilities (ATFs), master instructors, conferences, Region Meetings and other education-focused events, BICSI offers access to the latest in ITS infrastructure information to those professionals wanting to enhance their knowledge and credibility related to the industry.

The association provides a range of professional development courses, which support a number of globally-recognized ITS credentials. Information presented by subject matter experts at these events provides vital knowledge needed by ITS professionals to stay current with industry trends.

One of the newest BICSI credentials is the Registered Information Technology Professional (RITP). This designation was created to fill a demand created by individuals who work in the ITS industry but do not design information technology systems or have limited design experience (e.g., instructors, educators, management and sales personnel).

Instead of design experience, the emphasis is on education, with requirements to show proof of formal education in technical areas related to ITS or IS (e.g., A.S., B.S., M.S. degrees) or in major IS industry-related training and certifications/licensing (e.g., CCIE, Electrical PE, etc.).

BICSI information technology professional courses serve as a career path for those seeking advanced knowledge in this area. Several courses are recommended for candidates preparing to take the RITP examination. More information about the RITP credential can be found at

Currently, BICSI staff members are working to schedule courses in Canada for 2011, some of which will be offered through a growing group of BICSI ATFs. If you have an interest in any of their courses, contact BICSI professional development staff at (813) 979-1991 or 800 242 -7405.

Two recently added and highly requested BICSI courses are:

ESS110: Designing Electronic Safety and Security Systems

ESS110 is a five-day course that provides you with the knowledge you need to design electronic safety and security systems as well as concepts, systems and processes related to integrating electronic safety and security (ESS).

ESS200: ESS Design Specialist Review

ESS200 features a fast-paced review of the BICSI Electronic Safety and Security Design Reference Manual (ESSDRM), highlighting the critical areas you should know for the Electronic Safety and Security (ESS) Design Specialist exam. Practice tests and general test taking tips are included.

During the remainder of 2010, BICSI will conduct education-focused Region Meetings in Calgary at SAIT, in Ottawa at Algonquin College and in Mississauga at the Living Arts Centre. In conjunction with these educational events, we will conduct proctored RCDD, RITP, ESS, NTS, OSP and WD examinations. Additionally, a review course for the RCDD exam will be held in Toronto this November.

Also related to ITS education, BICSI is developing a new data centre credential based on its recently released BICSI 002-2010, Data Center Design and Implementation Best Practices Standard. BICSI’s Registration and Specialties Supervision (RSS) Committee has been reviewing the technical content to build the credentialing track and educational content and is working with other BICSI committees to ensure that both training and examination are created.

As you can see, BICSI continuously strives to provide essential education to assist you in achieving your ITS goals. If you have an interest in taking any of the numerous IT infrastructure focused courses or in finding out more about what is available, I encourage you to visit

As I begin my final three months as your Canadian Region Director, I want to thank all of you. Serving you in this capacity has been a truly enjoyable experience. This ‘volunteer-elected’ position has a maximum of two two-year terms, which I will complete at BICSI’s Annual Business Meeting during the 2011 BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition, January 16-20.

Until then, it continues to be a pleasure to promote your industry expertise and increase awareness on your behalf about all you have to offer to those companies needing qualified professionals to manage their ITS infrastructure needs.

If you wish to discuss any of the previously mentioned information, BICSI professional development staff or I will be more than happy to discuss your interests with you. CNS

Richard Smith, RCDD, NTS, OSP, is the Canadian Region Director of BICSI and the manager of Aliant Cabling Solutions in Moncton, N.B. He can be reached at