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Anyone who aspires to being the next Canadian Region Director must throw their hat in the ring by early spring 2010.

September 1, 2009  

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At any given time, 11 BICSI members are elected to our Board of Directors, all of whom are volunteers sponsored and supported by companies they own or work for.

Some are Region Directors, tasked with directing the organization, as well as all BICSI matters and events, in assigned regions (e. g., my region is Canada). Region Directors act on the membership’s behalf to set direction for BICSI staff, volunteers and committees who work to improve the ITS industry within the guidelines of a not-for-profit association.

This year’s newly elected Board members cycle into their positions at our annual business meeting, taking place Jan. 20 during BICSI’s 2010 Winter Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, Fla.

Do not forget that next year, the position of Canadian Region Director will be open.

Since BICSI’s bylaws limit any individual from holding the position for more than two consecutive two-year terms, I cannot run for reelection.

Therefore, I am looking for individuals who may be interested in holding the position. Please contact me at if you would like to discuss what the position requires and offers.

Candidates will need to submit their self nomination information in the March-April timeframe of 2010.

In other BICSI news, the next Canadian Region Meeting will be in Ottawa on October 22. If you will be in the area, please take the time to register ( ) and participate in this event, which will be held at Algonquin College.

We have scheduled a full day of relevant information transport systems (ITS) technical presentations.

Students and faculty at Algonquin will participate in the event, so I encourage you to come along and enjoy learning with them and share your own information about skills you look for as you hire employees for the future.

Speaking of education, if you are considering getting your BICSI globally recognized Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) credential, be aware the exam process will change in January 2010 as part of our NxtGEN initiative.

The change will also see the implementation of a new credential, the Registered Information Transport Professional (RITP).

If you are in the Electronic Safety and Security (ESS) industry or need to know how related IT infrastructure needs to be designed, BICSI now offers an ESS credential based on the newly released Electronic Safety and Security Design Reference Manual, second edition.

As with all BICSI credentials and reference manuals, this document is vendor neutral and manufacturer independent. The manual contains technical information from subject matter experts at BICSI based on best practices for the benefit of all involved in the industry.

Currently, I am working with BICSI staff to schedule BICSI Canadian Region Meetings and training for 2010.

In addition to the 2010 BICSI Canadian Conference & Exhibition to be held in Montreal on May 2-5, we want to hold as many region meetings in as many provinces as possible. The plan being considered would see us in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia. If you are interested in these or other venues, please contact me.

Finally, I urge your company to take advantage of all BICSI has made available by offering employees complimentary training and conference registrations, along with technical manual discounts and many other BICSI member benefits by becoming part of BICSI’s newly updated Corporate Connection Program.

Five levels of membership are available, each offering increasing numbers of company and employee benefits. A few other features include:

• Transferable memberships, held in the name of the company, are available in each tier, allowing for multiple employees to receive BICSI benefits.

• Corporate members and their products and services will be highlighted in the upcoming BICSI Corporate Buyers Guide.

• Each member will also receive individual BICSI membership benefits.

More information and a full list of benefits is available at under the “Member Community” dropdown tab. From there, select “BICSI Corporate Connection Program.”

No matter what you choose to do, it is imperative that you get involved with your industry.

You will be glad you did.


‘Since BICSI’s bylaws limit any individual from holding the position for more than two consecutive two-year terms, I cannot run for reelection.’

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