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BICSI 2008 year end update

'Promoting brand awareness is an important aspect of helping new and future members to know who we are and what we have to offer them.'

November 1, 2008  

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The year is quickly coming to an end. I hope you and yours had a safe and healthy 2008, but unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the financial markets.

If you have your health and loved ones in your life you still have great measurable ‘wealth.’ In a recent interview I heard Warren Buffet say something to the effect, “saving all your money until you’re old isn’t necessarily a good thing.”

Wealth is measured in many ways — knowledge for one can be an enabler of financial wealth and job satisfaction.

Making use of information you have learned through formal training and life experiences can improve your return on the invested time, energy and finances associates with getting your education.

Training and Credentials Update: Although it has been a tough 2008 in most market segments, professionals in the information transport systems (ITS) industry with the knowledge to design, build and maintain the infrastructure of computer systems should be confident.

Going forward it should be somewhat reassuring, even though many people do not appreciate or realize what you do that improves their networks ability to operate reliably.

Holding BICSI ITS credentials provides assurance to your customers that you have gained and are maintaining your ITS knowledge which improves your chances of having customers engage your services.

Recently I had a company contact me looking for BICSI credentialed resources in Ottawa and Winnipeg.

If you are searching for BICSI expertise, try searching on BICSI’s online job site at have hundreds of companies and individuals using this ITS job search site every month.

Speaking of BICSI expertise, as of October, we have over 830 BICSI members in Canada. Within this group there are 402 Registered Communication Distribution Designers® (RCDDs) and of these there are 22 Outside Plant (OSP), 54 Network Transport System (NTS) and seven Wireless Design (WD) accredited specialist — and the numbers continue to grow.

At BICSI’s 2008 Fall Conference 105 individuals sat for BICSI exams. Congratulations to the 24 new RCDDs, two OSP, five NTS and four WD applicants who were successful.

As BICSI evolves it’s becoming a more focused not-for-profit association which is working hard to provide benefits to its current membership. Looking forward, BICSI is focusing on a broad range of future “Next Generation” customers and members.

Promoting brand awareness is an important aspect of helping new and future members to know who we are and what we have to offer them.

During 2008 BICSI’s communications department started a brand promotion and education campaign. To date over 50 print ads have been placed in 18 industry and end user trade magazines.

Showing BICSI’s return on investment to members is also an integral component of our growth strategy. Corporate membership programs and benefits, outreach to new members and customers through the NxtGEN program, member renewals with discounts for multi-year terms, BICSI Connect offering low cost online training, and BICSI’s Next Generation Bursary awarded to deserving students are just a few of the implemented programs that are new and ongoing.

Many of these items improve things members benefit from in the short to midterm.

BICSI staff and the Board of Directors are also working on items that will take place well into the next decade.

Did you realize that securing sites for upcoming conferences is done three to five years in advance? Availability of competitively priced, good quality accommodations and meeting venues that are in close proximity of members are all components of the conference return on investment formula.

A lot of experience, time and energy is invested to source and secure these sites at affordable rates for conference participants.

It may interest you to know that formulas for conference room space, hotel rooms, food and beverages and conference fees are all tied together.

In order to maximize your conference experience, and keep total costs to you as low as possible, BICSI has to secure these venues by providing guarantees on blocks of room nights booked at each conference years in advance. It is this guarantee which keeps your conference registration fees as low as possible.

BICSI staff and your elected volunteer board worked very hard in 2008 to improve your access to information so your ITS knowledge will better equip you to work in the new economic world which is about to unfold.

Your participation in BICSI events help you to become more educated, motivated, better able to lead and succeed.

As Mr. Buffet said, there is no sense saving it all until you get old. It was a pleasure working on your behalf in 2008 and thank you for electing me for a second and final term in 2009-2011.

Richard Smith, RCDD, NTS, OSP, is the Canadian Region Director of BICSI and the manager of Aliant Cabling Solutions in Moncton, N. B. He can be reached at