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Are you a good leader?

If so, the first step is to file your self-nomination papers for Canadian Region Director by no later than the end of May.

March 1, 2010  

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BICSI is seeking self-nominations from interested Canadian BICSI members, in good standing, who have an interest in improving the cabling infrastructure industry in Canada and around the world.

If elected, the candidate will hold the position of Canadian Region Director from January 2011 to January 2013.

This volunteer position offers an incredible opportunity for self-improvement and professional development. You will have a chance to interact with other business professionals, as well as BICSI staff, all of whom share a vision and enthusiasm to help BICSI members enhance their professional skills and to promote and maintain excellence in the ITS industry.

If you have a desire to share your time, expertise and passion, then you are of interest to BICSI. Are you in a position to enjoy the intangible benefits of becoming the next BICSI Canadian Region Director? I encourage you to read further and consider this opportunity.

At this point, you likely have many questions that I will try to identify and answer.

If you are not self-employed, you need to obtain written confirmation from your employer that they will allow you the necessary time and funding to participate in predefined BICSI meetings and events.

While BICSI has a moderate budget allocated to each region, it is directed to travel in support of activities in the region.

The Region Director’s term runs for a period of two years. The election for Canadian Region Director runs from September 1-30, 2010; however, self-nomination papers must be filed by the end of May.

The elected candidate begins by attending a three-day orientation and strategic planning session with current Board of Directors (BOD) in the November 2010 timeframe.

Other requirements include attending at least two North American conferences per year and participating in BOD meetings and numerous committee meetings as a Board liaison. The benefit here is that you represent the Canadian membership and are able to bring information back to share with members following the conference.

Communication skills are very important. You will preside over meetings small and large — some with as many as 2,000 attendees. You are expected to give presentations at these events about all things of interest to the BICSI audience.

At Board meetings, you represent and communicate matters of interest or concern related to the Canadian membership. At times, these discussions impact the direction of BICSI on a global basis.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to write articles for trade publications, such as CNS.

You are required to conduct a minimum of two Canadian Region Meetings per year, where you will define the date and location for these events. Fortunately in Canada, we have a number of technical schools eager to host our Region Meetings. The Director also seeks out individuals who can offer new and beneficial technical information to the Canadian audience.

From a technical and educational perspective, you have unrestricted access to all technical sessions at conferences, as well as to the full suite of volunteer subject matter experts in committees and on staff who excel at making BICSI a globally recognized association.

There is a direct relationship between the time and energy you commit and what you and the members get in return for your efforts. It’s hard to define the exact number of hours dedicated to this position. I estimate that, over the last three years, I spent an average of 20 hours each week.

Now, I am preparing to pass a great life experience and opportunity on to another BICSI member in Canada in 2011.

Are you at a point in life to take on this task, devoting your time, interest, passion and energy into positively influencing the direction of an industry? If so, the election process begins by submitting self-nomination papers by May 31, 2010.

Much more information about the election process is available at I encourage any Canadian BICSI member to consider this opportunity. If you wish to discuss this or any other BICSI volunteer position, please contact me at any time. CNS