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2010 Recruitment Plan

With a generation of installers about to retire, Region Meetings are being organized in an attempt to help fill the void.

January 1, 2010  

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At the time of this writing, BICSI staff, volunteers and faculty at various technical schools are working on the 2010 round of BICSI Region Meetings, the first of which will be held at Nova Scotia Community College in Halifax on Tuesday, Feb. 23. BICSI courses and exam are also planned in conjunction with this event.

If you have an interest in making a technical manufacturer/ vendor neutral presentation, being an exhibitor or participating in this or any BICSI event/s please contact me at my coordinates listed below.

We are also hard at work preparing for one of BICSI’s 2010 conferences, being held in Montreal from May 2-5. Other Region Meetings, training and exams are in the planning stages. Vancouver and Montreal have a number of various courses scheduled –visit for details.

We are also working with a number of entities across Canada who are interested in becoming BICSI Authorized Training Facilities (ATFs).

There is a great need for BICSI installers and technicians in Canada. Unfortunately, the available numbers of these credential holders don’t support the growing demand for their services. Information transport systems (ITS)-focused companies and their customers need access to technicians who are certified because it provides a level of quality assurance; the individual was able to confirm, through rigorous testing, his or her knowledge of IT infrastructure-focused codes, standards and best practices.

BICSI ITS Technicians also have to maintain their accreditation by staying current on technical changes impacting services operating on the infrastructure for which they have responsibility.

A generation of technicians is about to retire. Companies don’t have the ability to fund in-house staff needing to stay current in converging IP-based technologies, then write and deliver the training to employees in a timely manner. BICSI, as a manufacturer independent, vendor-neutral, nonprofit association, is a globally recognized entity offering accreditations.

It is focused on improving the IT infrastructure industry and have a large contingent of Subject Matter Experts around the world who feed timely information to all the manuals they make available to industry.

BICSI also offers in-house training and supports a large network of institutions that use BICSI technical manuals to support their training efforts.

Relationships with these geographically diverse institutions allow regional cost-effective access to training for those individuals and companies in the IT infrastructure industry.

BICSI ATFs are especially valuable for upgrading the knowledge of employees who are challenged with installing and maintaining services, which are now much more sensitive to sources of interference.

Additionally, many IT specifications call for BICSI ITS Installers and Technicians.

One of the priorities of BICSI’s Region Directors is to improve your return on investment (ROI). One of the most productive ways we do this is through Region Meetings, which are open to any interested individuals.

For any who attend, the benefits of ITS training offered at Region Meetings are extremely beneficial. All meeting content is reviewed and approved to maximize attendees’ ROI. Individuals who attend have a chance to meet with customers and others within their geographic area and BICSI credential holders receive CECs for attending the daylong local event.

Another benefit offered from the ongoing schedule of Region Meetings being held at community colleges and technical schools across Canada is that those who are seeking new employees have an opportunity to meet potential candidates enrolled in IT programs at these institutions.

Many students attending these meetings are seeking employment opportunities after graduation. Taking a few minutes during the Region Meeting to meet some of the students and potential employees is sure to be mutually beneficial for you and them.

As attendees, you also have an opportunity to meet with faculty and discuss what skill sets are needed by you or your employer based on your knowledge of current and future technologies being discussed during some of the presentations.

I encourage anyone with an interest in becoming BICSI certified at the Technician or Installer level to watch for announcements through 2010 about this BICSI initiative, as well as participate in educational sessions at upcoming Region Meetings and BICSI Conferences. CNS


There is a great need for BICSI installers and technicians in Canada. Unfortunately, the available numbers of these credential holders don’t support the growing demand for their services.