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Ethernet Alliance names Chalupsky to its board

June 17, 2016  

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The Ethernet Alliance has announced the appointment of David Chalupsky of Intel Corp. to its board of directors. A long-time Ethernet industry veteran, Chalupksy brings with him a wealth of technical and leadership abilities, with particular expertise in BASE-T technologies, the alliance said.

“Ethernet ports driven by BASE-T technologies are the dominant Ethernet port shipping today,” ,” said John D’Ambrosia, chairman, Ethernet Alliance; and senior principal engineer, Huawei. “As Ethernet continues adapting to meet the needs of new constituencies, the significance of BASE-T technologies evolving to fill changing market and application demands cannot be understated.”

Chalupsky is a principal engineer in the data centre group at Intel, where he previously held various hardware development and engineering management roles, beginning with single-board industrial computer design.

“The diversification of BASE-T technologies enables it to address different parts of Ethernet’s user community — higher speeds for server connectivity, mid-to-lower range speeds for enhanced enterprise campus connectivity, and new applications like automotive Ethernet,” he said.