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Ericsson projects big things for 5G in Canada

November 17, 2015  

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Launched today, the latest edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report provides insight into the future of 5G networks, including a forecast of 150 million 5G mobile subscriptions by 2021.

Canada, the US, South Korea, Japan and China are predicted to lead with the first, and fastest, 5G subscription uptake. 5G will connect new types of devices, enabling new use cases related to the Internet of Things (IoT); the transition will open up new industries and verticals to ICT transformation, Ericsson sai.

The report, an update on mobile trends, reveals a significant increase in mobile video consumption, which is driving around six times higher traffic volumes per smartphone in North America and Europe (2015 to 2021). North America data traffic per active smartphone will grow from 3.8 to 22 GB per month by 2021; in Western Europe, the increase is from 2 to 18 GB per month.

With 20 new mobile broadband subscriptions activated every second, global increase in mobile subscriptions is another clear driver for data traffic growth, Ericsson said, adding that as of now,”there are the same amount of mobile subscriptions as there are people on the planet; in 2016 we will reach the four billion mark for smartphone subscriptions alone.”


Rima Qureshi, senior vice president and chief strategy officer at Ericsson, said “5G is about more than faster mobile services — it will enable new use cases related to the Internet of Things. ICT transformation will become even more common across industries as 5G moves from vision to reality in the coming years.”

Global mobile data traffic is forecast to grow ten-fold by 2021, and video is forecast to account for 70% of total mobile traffic in the same year.

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