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Ericsson plans big 5G demo splash at CES 2017

January 3, 2017  

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Ericsson said today it will “connect the dots between the latest technology innovations and their dependence on infrastructure at the world’s largest consumer electronics fair, CES 2017, in Las Vegas, Nev., which starts on Thursday. Building on its theme of “Making 5G a Reality,” Ericsson said it will show attendees how networks, media and IT work in concert to improve our daily lives and work.

“Innovation is measured by how many people can share, use and experience it,” said Ulf Ewaldsson, the company’s chief strategy and technology officer.

Ericsson will provide demonstrations of new and emerging technologies and the improved experience people have when trying things out over the latest networks and platforms.  Examples of smart cities, smart vehicles, more efficient and automated manufacturing, connected forests and transformational TV experiences will also be demonstrated.

“Experts on site will show how key aspects of our lives, such as location, environment, security, employment and personalization can fundamentally change when supported by robust networks, innovative IT and media assets,” the company said in a release.


Ericsson added it plans to also demonstrate the “latest 5G capabilities that operators will soon introduce, including higher bandwidth, lower latency, greater density, lower energy requirements, greatly increased security, network slicing and cellular for Massive IoT (Internet of Things) technologies.”