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Dell study reveals business and IT decision makers in sync

July 29, 2016  

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Dell this week announced the results of a new Dell State of IT Trends 2016 global study, which finds business decision makers’ (BDMs) and IT decision makers’ (ITDMs) understanding of current IT trends are much closer than they are generally perceived to be.

In the past, Dell said in a release, business and IT leaders had different levels of understanding of IT trends and technologies. However over time, business and IT leaders’ perceptions of technology have evolved and more closely aligned as new technologies have entered the market and become increasingly critical drivers of an organization’s success.

The Dell State of IT Trends 2016 global study reveals a greater sophistication and alignment in understanding of IT trends between the two groups. The results indicate that IT and business leadership are better collaborating and having in-depth conversations about not only how technology works but how it can propel the business forward.

“There is a lingering misperception that business leaders are disconnected during strategic IT discussions, but times have changed,” said Matt Baker, executive director, enterprise strategy, Dell. ”This study reveals that there is an increasingly common understanding between business and IT decision makers on the key IT trends and the growth opportunities that IT can deliver.”

In today’s data-driven economy, companies need IT that is agile, efficient, scalable and capable of responding to business applications in real time. According to the Dell State of IT Trends 2016 survey, increasing business productivity is the main IT consideration for both ITDMs (81%) and BDMs (77%), followed by growing the business (71% and 69%, respectively).

Global decision makers, in companies of all sizes and in both developed and developing markets, are most closely aligned on the following IT trends:

  • ITDMs (62%) and BDMs (51%) agree that cloud computing is the most important technology trend for their companies.
  • By 2:1 margins, both ITDMs and BDMs say they will use more open data centre technologies in the future.
  • 86% of ITDMs and 85% of BDMs agree that compute-centric is the best approach to gain a flexible, scalable and open data centre.

In terms of technology spending for 2016, cloud is the main priority among both ITDMs (67%) and BDMs (59%). This is followed closely by data storage upgrades or purchase (54% and 48%, respectively).