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CTEA slams Bell over outsourcing decision

Members of the Canadian Telecommunications Employees' Association (CTEA) working in Bell Canada's Repair groups lea...

September 15, 2004  

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Members of the Canadian Telecommunications Employees’ Association (CTEA) working in Bell Canada’s Repair groups learned today that the company will outsource the work to a group of its Business Partners.

The union says the move will affect 270 of its members in Ontario and Quebec.

Currently, 40% of the work in the Repair division is outsourced to external companies. Now, Bell Canada will proceed to outsource the rest of the group.

The repair groups affected include the Consumer market, Small and Medium Business market and Centrex. These teams, currently made up of approximately 410 employees in both provinces, will be reduced to 140.

“This is just the beginning,” says CTEA vice-president Line Brisson Brisson. “Bell has already sent its technicians’ work to Entourage, its telephone operators to Nordia and today the company announced that it is sending its Customer Service Repair Representatives’ work to Expertel in Quebec and to Minacs in Ontario.

"Bell is attempting to avoid our demands on pay equity by sending our members’ work to these companies that pay low wages."

The CTEA says it will continue to fight Bell to keep the jobs within the company.

Bell says there will be no impact on its clients since sub-contractors will offer an equivalent service to customers as its employees currently provide.