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Crosslake Fibre’s Toronto-New York network is live

January 2, 2020  

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Crosslake Fibre recently announced that the first new fiber-optic cable connecting Toronto and New York in almost two decades was complete, and had entered commercial service.

The diverse, ultra-low latency route connects Toronto’s largest carrier hotels, Equinix TR2 at 45 Parliament Street and 151 Front Street West, to Equinix NY4 in Secaucus, New Jersey, with multiple extensions to various points-of-presence in both cities. Crosslake Fibre provides lit and dark fiber services interconnecting Toronto, Secaucus and Buffalo, NY using the route.

The cable goes from Lake Ontario in Toronto to New York State using a specialized 192 fiber strand submarine cable that is 58 kilometres (36 miles) long. Using current technology, the cable, which is less than 2 inches in diameter, can provide up to several thousand terabits per second of capacity throughput.

“The physical distance between the major business and financial markets in New York, New Jersey and Toronto just got shorter,” said Fergus Innes, SVP of Crosslake Fibre. “For the first time, this new network route delivers sub 9ms RTD performance between these core markets.”


“As the world becomes increasingly digital, it is vital for the success of our city to continue to support important infrastructure like this fiber-optic cable and the companies that are spearheading these projects,” said Toronto Mayor John Tory.