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CPI white paper examines four advances that will transform networks

May 16, 2018  

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Upcoming changes in Power over Ethernet (PoE), advanced Wi-Fi, software-defined networking (SDN) and 5G will impact the physical premise network, says Chatsworth Products (CPI). In a recently released white paper, it describes these technologies and illustrates cable management and equipment storage methods to help network engineers successfully undertake network upgrades.

Four Technologies That Will Affect Your Enterprise Network: And How to Support Them in Your Premise Networks” states that the omnipresence of connectivity and soaring IP traffic are driving existing technologies to evolve.

Next-generation PoE, 5G, SDN and high throughput wireless networking will require upgrades in structured cabling. For example, a new requirement is the use of smaller cable bundles and more spacing between bundles to allow airflow around cables with higher power PoE applications.

New methodologies and products available today enable easy and compliant deployment of these new technologies. More specifically, the white paper describes advancements in:

Cable Pathway: Advanced features include movable cross members with tool-less design, eliminating interference issues with cable drops and allowing for fast repositioning.

Vertical Cable Management: Cable management solutions have evolved from a simple trough to hold cable bundles to a mechanical system that adjusts to optimize cable support exactly where needed. Additionally, internal supports space cable bundles in order to improve airflow around cables.

Wall-Mount Systems: Advanced wall-mount enclosures can support heavier equipment that support high PoE and can easily retrofit over existing equipment.

Tool-less design: Ease of use and thoughtful design allow network engineers to neatly organize and make moves, adds and changes a simple task.

For a copy of the white paper click here.