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Corning Cable Systems introduces new connector

Corning Cable Systems, part of Corning Inc.'s telecommunication's segment, today introduced its Keyed LC Connector,...

January 4, 2007  

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Corning Cable Systems, part of Corning Inc.’s telecommunication’s segment, today introduced its Keyed LC Connector, which provides network security in optical fiber cabling by utilizing the small-form-factor LC Connector format.

The connector was designed for organizations with a need to segregate networks due to privacy or security concerns such as secure government facilities and research labs.

Based on the standard LC single-fiber connector, the Keyed LC Connector provides physical separation for up to four networks, applications or organizations.

Four color-coded key combinations prevent inadvertent or unauthorized access to networks and provide fast and easy network identification, the company said.

On the front and back of the patch panel, keyed connectors and adapters are used to match access rights to the proper network.

The connector is available in single-mode, 62.5 micron multimode (OM1), standard 50 micron (OM2) and laser-optimized 50 micron (OM3) multimode.

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