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CommScope’s AIM system receives major upgrade

November 22, 2017  

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CommScope has announced the addition of new software capabilities in its automated infrastructure management (AIM) system called imVision. According to the company, the enhanced capabilities include the ability for IT managers to keep track of the location of PoE powered devices while providing more visibility into where PoE services are and can be deployed.

“Serving the intelligent building marketplace today demands support for PoE and an ecosystem approach that brings technology leaders together to deliver best-in-class solutions,” said Ed Solis, the firm’s director of enterprise strategy, CommScope. “CommScope’s networking experts work in standards organizations to help evolve PoE standards and directly with partners and customers to provide efficient PoE delivery solutions.”

CommScope is  planning to host a webinar that will examine the latest PoE standards and the implications of PoE application in buildings. More power to you: How PoE is shaping modern networks  will take place on Wednesday, Dec. 6 at 10 a.m. EST with Cisco’s digital building architect Luis Suau. Registration is free.

“PoE growth trends are due to the ongoing explosion of IoT devices in the building — LED lighting systems, security cameras, wireless access points, etc. — as well as the convergence of IT and building operations technology,” CommScope said in a release.

“PoE technology safely transmits electricity along with data over twisted pair cabling to remote devices. Most people initially came to know PoE through the use of VoIP telephones, which were the first, massively deployed devices to utilize PoE.”

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