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Cisco releases IoT systems for four distinct sectors

October 8, 2015  

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Upwards of 40% of today’s leading companies will be displaced from their market position by digital disruption in the next five years, yet 75% of these companies have yet to address this risk by prioritizing their digital strategy, according to research conducted by the Global Centre for Digital Business Transformation.

This week at the Cisco Global Editors Conference in San Jose, the company launched four new offerings for industries -– manufacturing, transportation, utilities, and oil and gas.  The solutions aim to help customers connect machines and assets, break through information silos, and digitize data in an integrated way across the business. Additionally, Cisco announced a new, industrial Internet of Things (IoT) security offering.

According to Cisco, to remain competitive, industries like manufacturing, utilities, oil and gas, and transportation need to increase productivity, deliver more value, and create better experiences for customers and end users. “Some of the greatest obstacles to efficiency are operational silos. Silos separate people, machines, systems, information, and complete areas of a business; they separate information from operational technology,” the company said in a release. “Breaking through silos with a more holistic and connected architecture connects people, streamlines communication and drives a more agile operation.”

The four offerings include


* Connected Machines for Digital Manufacturing: This enables rapid, standards-based, repeatable machine connectivity, and global factory integration while enabling OEM digitization and new business models – including secure remote access, monitoring and serviceability of machines.

FANUC America and Cisco announced that they intend to implement the solution to enable robot connectivity and analytics for proactive maintenance. Meanwhile, manufacturer Flex outlined how it is already using the Connected Machines solution and FANUC Robots to drive efficiency and quality in its operations.

* Smart Connected Pipeline for Digital Oil and Gas: A connected, secure architecture that allows oil and gas companies more control over their pipelines, helping to protect assets from accidents or cyber-attacks. Schneider Electric and Cisco are collaborating to bring the Smart Connected Pipeline system to market.

* Substation Security for Digital Utilities: A connected architecture that enables highly-secure power grids for reliable, more efficient service across the utilities industry.

* Connected Mass Transit for Digital Transportation: A connected architecture that Cisco said will enable the delivery of greater safety, mobility – and a better passenger experience. “Through a converged network architecture that is based on the Cisco IoT System, transit systems can enhance automation, collaboration, video, cloud-to-fog agility and business intelligence,” the company said.

* IoT System Security:  The Cisco IoT System Security product portfolio includes IoT-specific security with the introduction of a new, dedicated security appliance (ISA-3000 for application visibility, policy enforcement and threat defense) and a Fog Data Services security solution.

Further coverage of the Global Editors Conference will appear in the Nov.-Dec. issue of Connections+.

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