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CircuitMeter to collaborate with Cisco on submetering

February 10, 2016  

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CircuitMeter has been selected by Cisco to collaborate on submetering technology at the Cisco Innovation Centre Toronto, one of nine facilities worldwide that have been created to showcase and energize digital innovation and development.

The Toronto-based company builds and markets advanced electrical energy submetering systems and integrated big data, cloud based software designed to analyze real time, detailed energy usage and enable energy users to better manage their energy consumption and reduce their costs.

Products include WebMeter, which permits facility managers to capture data related to energy usage from every circuit in an electrical panel within the building. CircuitMonitoring, meanwhile, operates as a cloud based energy management platform and dashboard, providing building operators with a circuit-by-circuit view of their electrical usage and trends, as well as notifications of trends and anomalies.

The combination of the two provides historical and real-time detailed analysis through the use of visual dashboards and reports. Facility managers have the ability to receive their energy information at an enterprise level, and at the individual circuit level within a facility.

The Innovation Centre will create a forum for industry collaborators, such as CircuitMeter, and other stakeholders, to work on transformative innovation initiatives related to Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, health care and financial services.

“We view this designation as further validation that our advanced energy submetering technology and big data analytics will be a major factor in the future improvement of energy efficiency in industrial and commercial markets,” said Paul Mertes, the firm’s president and CEO.

“Collaborating with Cisco will further enable CircuitMeter to attain its main goals of empowering companies to analyze their energy usage and providing advanced energy management services and efficiency to the marketplace.”