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Carriers, vendors emphasize importance of ATM/Frame Relay/Ethernet interworking

The MPLS/Frame Relay Alliance revealed today the results of a technology survey completed recently by SuperComm 200...

June 30, 2003  

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The MPLS/Frame Relay Alliance revealed today the results of a technology survey completed recently by SuperComm 2003 attendees and Alliance members.

More than 200 service providers and vendors named ATM/Frame Relay/Ethernet Service Interworking as the most important work item, followed closely by Frame Relay to MPLS Interworking.

The most requested interoperability focus was Multi-class Traffic Engineering required for multi-service networks, followed by Multi-provider, Multi-area Layer 2 Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

Several of these technologies, including ATM/Frame Relay/Ethernet over MPLS and point-to-point Layer 2 VPN services, were showcased during an interoperability demonstration at SuperComm last month in Atlanta.

In addition, several implementation agreements and work items that address these areas of technology are already on the agenda for the Alliance to address this year.

“The survey results reflect an industry wide belief that multi-service technology is important,” said Andrew Malis, chairman and president of the MPLS/Frame Relay Alliance. “The Alliance recognizes this industry requirement and will continue to proactively work on these efforts with both service providers and vendors.”

“The three most important objectives of service providers and carriers in this post-bubble environment is to simultaneously reduce operating costs, preserve existing services and introduce new services, such as IP-VPNs and ATM/Frame Relay/Ethernet over MPLS,” says Joe McGarvey, senior analyst with the Current Analysis market research firm.

Survey results show an overwhelming interest in promoting ATM, Frame Relay and Ethernet Service Interworking over MPLS Networks, providing any-to-any connectivity when different access protocols are used with an MPLS-based network backbone.

The MPLS/Frame Relay Alliance is an international industry organization that is advancing the recognition and acceptance of MPLS and Frame Relay technologies in the global telecom industry.

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