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CANARIE, Nortel team up for CA*net 4 expansion

CANARIE, Inc. has selected Nortel Networks' Optical Multiservice Edge 6500, an optical convergence offering that pr...

June 17, 2004  

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CANARIE, Inc. has selected Nortel Networks’ Optical Multiservice Edge 6500, an optical convergence offering that provides 10 Gpbs scalable broadband connectivity as part of an expansion to CA*net 4, the national optical Internet research and education network that interconnects universities, research centers, government research laboratories in Canada and around the world.

The Optical Multiservice Edge 6500 will perform SONET/SDH line termination and cross-connecting functions through CANARIE’s User Controlled Lightpath software. This feature of CA*net 4 gives end users the ability to provision, partition and allocate network links to other users without involving a central management organization.

“Canada is rapidly becoming a global hub for advanced research networking," said Bill St. Arnaud, senior director, Advanced Networks at CANARIE.

"CA*net 4 provides Canada’s research and education community, as well as an increasing number of international research and education communities, with flexible and scalable wide area broadband access on demand.”

CANARIE’s CA*net4 network already interconnects to most advanced research networks around the world, including SURFnet, based in the Netherlands.

SURFnet connects all universities and academic hospitals and the vast majority of other institutes for higher education and research throughout the Netherlands, and is an important partner for CANARIE because of their joint leadership to global research networking.

SURFnet is also using Nortel Networks Optical Multiservice Edge 6500 to support the high-speed networking requirements of its academic and scientific member organizations.

Introduced last fall, it converges multiple services, architectures and network layers into one platform, which the company says, enables a new set of broadband connectivity.