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Canadian businesses embracing mobile technology to stay competitive

A CATAAlliance online poll released today at NetworkWorld revealed that 69% of Canadian businesses surveyed believ...

April 19, 2005  

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A CATAAlliance online poll released today at NetworkWorld revealed that 69% of Canadian businesses surveyed believe mobile technology is helping them better compete, and 55% are using mobile technology either in key departments like sales, or across the entire company.

Adoption of mobile technology has a strong foothold in the Canadian market and is gaining acceptance. Conducted by, 38% cent of respondents said they were either evaluating mobile technology or in the process of deploying it in certain departments or across their organization.

Canadian businesses are optimistic about the adoption of mobile technology with 82% believing that the portable office — the ability to work from anywhere, anytime will be a reality in the next five years.

In addition, 53% of respondents think their companies will adopt converged voice and data networks to provide workers with access to voicemail and e-mail through the device of their choice within the next three years.

“From a business perspective this willingness to invest in mobile technology is good news for Canada, because it will boost productivity and help us close the prosperity gap with the U.S.,” says Norm Kirkpatrick, executive director, CATAAlliance.

“The Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity released a report that shows Canadian businesses have invested about 12% less than their U.S. counterparts in machinery, equipment and software, which has resulted in less overall prosperity for Canada. Investing in mobile technology will help turn this around.”

Although Canadian companies are continuing to invest in mobile technology to become more productive and better compete in the global market, security and management of mobile devices and IT infrastructure are still top concerns for businesses.

Half of the respondents felt that mobile devices are a headache for IT departments to manage, track and secure, and 82% were most concerned about security and viruses, followed by 38 per cent being most concerned about IT infrastructure.

“Mobile technology has come a long way in the past twenty years – security and manageability have improved,” said John Weigelt, chief security advisor, Microsoft Canada Co. and CATAAlliance member and panelist on the Extending Enterprise Mobility session at the conference.

“Through research, development and industry collaboration, mobile technologies are being created to deliver the full promise of mobility and make it easier for IT professionals to manage and keep more secure.”