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BrainBox AI joins MaRS Discovery District to work on cleantech solution

November 18, 2019  

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BrainBox AI has joined the MaRS Discovery District, the largest urban innovation hub in North America. The MaRS Discovery District “helps entrepreneurs bring their products to market quickly, while also making organizations and businesses more sustainable and cost-effective.” Joining the Discovery District will help BrainBox AI access key support networks and mentorship opportunities needed in order to succeed globally.

BrainBox AI uses artificial intelligence and cloud computing to develop a solution that connects to a building’s existing HVAC installation in order to create an autonomous HVAC system, similar to the concept of an autonomous vehicle. According to the company, this “allows HVAC systems to move from the traditional reactive methodology to a pre-emptive autonomous operation mode.”

The single edge device installs in less than half a day, according to the company, followed by a four-to-six-week learning period during with the AI model identifies and catalogues the building’s specific operating behaviour to create a unique building energy profile, according to the company. BrainBox then converts to autonomous modulation mode and begins providing a reduction in the building’s total energy spend (by approximately 25 to 35 per cent) and carbon footprint (by approximately 20 to 40 per cent).

“AI-powered autonomous buildings are an emerging and important disruptive innovation that will enable significant energy savings,” said Harvey Coleman, cleantech senior advisor at MaRS.


BrainBox AI has already been applied to various types of commercial real estate, including office towers, hotels, retail stores, warehouses, grocery stores and academic institutions. The machine learning platform “adapts to various environments and functions as efficiently with or without a Building Management System (BMS).”

“There is no better time than now to be focusing on reducing the carbon footprint of buildings,” said Sam Ramadori, chief business development officer at BrainBox AI. He went on to add that the company’s solution is “a way to achieve meaningful results within the aggressive timeline required by international climate change goals.”

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