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Bosch Security Systems to become Bosch Building Technologies

February 21, 2018  

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Effective March 1, the Bosch Security Systems division will be known as Bosch Building Technologies. The division is currently comprised of two organizationally discrete units — the global product business and the regional system integration services business, which operates in eight countries.

In the eight countries, which includes Canada, the system integration unit provides integrated solutions for commercial buildings. Depending on the region, the portfolio includes building security, energy services, and building automation.

The product business — to be known in the future as Bosch Security and Safety Systems — will continue to operate as a global supplier of video, intrusion, fire-alarm, and voice-alarm systems, as well as of access control systems and management software, under the Bosch brand. Its portfolio also includes professional audio and conference systems for the transmission of voice, sound, and music. The products are distributed to system integrators or through wholesale dealers.

Bosch Security Systems will merge its video systems, intrusion detection, as well as its access control and management software business units to form a single business unit, known as Security. In making this move, Bosch said it is responding to the growing demand for sector-specific, integrated security solutions. “In combining these three business units, our aim is to ensure we can meet our customers’ needs even better in the future,” said division president Gert van Iperen. In the years ahead, we want to actively shape the process of transformation brought about by the Internet of Things, as well as to focus more on connectivity, integrated solutions, and services.”