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Berk-Tek says new OSP cables extend Cat 6A performance

March 28, 2017  

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Berk-Tek, a Nexans Company, today launched two new Outside Plant (OSP) cables – Category 6A LANmark-10G OSP and Enhanced Category 6 LANmark-1000 OSP. With the addition of the products to its LAN portfolio, the company said in a release it can now support Category 5e through Category 6A outside plant and building-to-building copper cabling requirements.

“With ever-increasing bandwidth requirements and advancing technologies, more and more outdoor applications and building-to-building interconnections are requiring higher category cabling,” the company said in a release.

“Berk-Tek’s new Category 6A and Enhanced Category 6 OSP cables enable network managers to extend their networks to their outdoor environments without sacrificing the bandwidth and PoE performance required for today’s emerging technologies.”

The cables, which are third-party verified to ANSI/ICEA S-107-704-2012 for water penetration, are designed for outdoor applications such as portable classrooms, guard shacks, exterior security cameras, parking lot lights, and building-to-building connections.

According to the company, they can be installed either aerially or buried in conduit or duct, and are compliant with stringent NEC codes, which require outdoor-rated cables to be used when conduit is located below the floor in slab-on-grade construction.

The new LANmark-10G OSP and LANmark-1000 OSP cables will be available on reels beginning April 1.