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Bell Canada launches national IP telephony service for business customers

Bell Canada today introduced its Managed IP Telephony offering, part of the company's strategy to migrate enterpris...

June 14, 2004  

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Bell Canada today introduced its Managed IP Telephony offering, part of the company’s strategy to migrate enterprise customers to an IP platform.

The company says it allows organizations to offer a variety of applications such as point-to-point video, integration with e-mail, click-to-call, find-me-follow-me, instant messaging and the ability to use multimedia functions across the enterprise.

“Organizations can take what they do on three and four networks today, including voice, and be able to compress that down to a single network connection,” says Paul Rowe, Bell’s vice-president of enterprise marketing. “Resources spent administrating multiple networks will become things of the past.

“With old networks, a relevant question the CIO would ask when rolling out a new application would be ‘is the network we have today compatible with this new application or do we need to redesign the network?’ With IP networks, CIOs will cease asking themselves that question.”

Isabelle Courville, president of Bell’s enterprise group says the new services will provide business customers with improved productivity and new opportunities for collaboration and integrated communications.

They will be available nationally; with service at locations in Ontario and Quebec pending CRTC approval.

“Sourcing models are changing and as IP telephony moves into mainstream, a managed service for an enterprise’s next generation voice application will be more readily received than past services,” said Bob Hafner, chief of research at Gartner Inc.

“The next step is to integrate business applications with voice applications, like presence and collaboration tools. This will change the way businesses communicate.”