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Bell and Akamai ink strategic partnership deal

October 18, 2017  

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Bell said today it has signed a strategic partnership with cloud delivery platform vendor Akamai Technologies, Inc., designed to expand its portfolio of Web security offerings for Canadian businesses.

The two companies said in a release that by “joining forces, (they) are positioned to identify security threats, proactively prevent attacks, and optimize the performance and availability of network and web services” through the following:

*Cloud Security: Offering enhanced security for Web sites and data centres to reduce the risk of downtime and data theft.

*Web Performance: Accelerating Web sites to more efficiently deliver content and applications and conduct business globally across multiple device platforms.

*Media & Delivery Solutions: Simplifying workflow and delivering high-quality online video and other media at scale.

Akamai’s suite of web security and performance offerings is available to Bell Business Markets customers across Canada.

Last week, the Cambridge, Mass.-based firm unveiled a strategy to support its customers’ incorporation of IoT devices into their IT infrastructures.

“IoT is viewed by many as the next key stage of Internet evolution. Industries of all types, from automotive to manufacturing to consumer technology, are making IoT devices critical components of their business strategies and IT infrastructure,” the company said. “At the same time, putting in place the robust infrastructure necessary to support this innovative technology is posing challenges to equipment manufacturers and users alike.”