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Belden launches CFD modeling offering for data centres

March 8, 2016  

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Belden Inc. today announced a new simulation software capability to assist data center managers with current and future data center needs. Through engineering simulation, Belden uses CFD (computational fluid dynamics) modeling to explain to data centre managers the impacts of airflow and thermal management on data centres and energy efficiency.

It allows organizations to bridge IT and facilities; facility engineers to visualize and provision power and cooling, and IT planners to deploy IT systems where power and cooling distribution are available.

Using 3D and 2D renderings, the software conducts CFD analysis for predictive modeling, what-if and capacity planning. It also provides information on the current state of a data centre, as well as predictions about the potential future state of a facility.

The best way to design and operate the space can be determined with this information before equipment is actually put in place, Belden said.


By making CFD modeling part of the data center workflow, users can:

  • Reduce capital expenditures and improve data center design
  • Predict thermal and electrical resilience of each IT device
  • Run failure scenarios to confirm that resiliency will be maintained
  • Compare different vendor choices
  • Predict, plan, identify and prevent hotspots
  • Increase usable capacity without sacrificing uptime
  • Validate thermal solutions

“When we can work with clients to tell them whether a planned change can be made without negatively impacting uptime, energy efficiency or productivity, they’ll be able to avoid critical events and make choices more confidently,” said Michael Peterson, technology and applications manager, data centres, at Belden.

To offer this capability, Belden partnered with Future Facilities and its suite of data centre products.  “This offering will bring new levels of productivity to data center design, troubleshooting and operations for Belden customers,” said Robert Schmidt, sales manager at Future Facilities.

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