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AT&T successfully completes single-wavelength 400 GbE trial

September 10, 2017  

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AT&T Corp. announced on Friday that it had successfully completed testing a single-wavelength 400 gigabit Ethernet (GbE) data speed across its production network. This was the final phase of the company’s trial of an IEEE standards-based 400 GbE end-to-end circuit to produce what it described as “next-generation speeds” in order to transform the ways organizations conduct business.

“Introducing 400 GbE is a natural next step,” said Roman Pacewicz, chief product officer, AT&T Business. “Customer demands have shifted to faster speeds, more video-centric content and cloud integration. This industry-first also aligns with our shift toward an open and software-centric network.”

According to the company, a next-generation network speed provides businesses such as online video streaming services, search engines and mobility companies with the ability to transfer massive amounts of data at record speeds. For example, a service provider could transport:

*Approximately ten, 2-hour movies in less than a second

*100,000 streaming movies at the same time.