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HONG KONG -- Asia Global Crossing has signed a deal with China United Telecommunications Corp. (China Unicom) that...

December 3, 2001  

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HONG KONG — Asia Global Crossing has signed a deal with China United Telecommunications Corp. (China Unicom) that will allow Asia Global Crossing to land its pan-Asian East Asia Crossing system in China.

As part of the understanding, China Unicom will build and operate its first international cable landing station. The agreement would allow East Asia Crossing to land in this station and interconnect with China Unicom’s terrestrial network.

Part of the worldwide Asia Global Crossing/Global Crossing Network, East Asia Crossing is the first fully redundant pan-Asian subsea cable system. It already connects Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and is scheduled to link Singapore in the fourth quarter this year, Malaysia and the Philippines by the second quarter of 2002. Together with Pacific Crossing, East Asia Crossing will eventually connect China to more than 200 major business centres worldwide.

“We are pleased about our collaboration with China Unicom. Upon landing in Qingdao, East Asia Crossing will seamlessly connect all of Asia’s major business centres on one fully redundant network,” says John Legere, CEO of Asia Global Crossing. “China Unicom in turn will benefit by leveraging the seamless global access the Asia Global Crossing/Global Crossing Network offers.”

The collaboration will also prepare both companies for the anticipated surge in traffic following China’s recent accession to WTO and the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

About the Companies
Asia Global Crossing is a public company that provides the Asia Pacific region with a full range of integrated telecommunications and IP services. Through a combination of undersea cables, terrestrial networks, city fiber rings and complex web hosting data centres, Asia Global Crossing is building one of the first pan-Asian networks.

China United Telecommunications Corporation (“China Unicom”) is China’s second largest telecommunications provider, offering a full range of services, from cellular telephony to fixed line voice and data services.

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