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App-friendly IP security cameras on their way via S&ST platform

May 21, 2020  

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May 21, 2020 – Security & Safety Things GmbH (S&ST)—a wholly-owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH—says it is poised “to reshape innovation in video analytics and computer vision with the commercial availability of a number of new smart IP security cameras […] that leverage the S&ST open and secure IoT platform”.

Security & Safety Things GmbH

These new cameras—from OEMs such as Qisda/Topview, AndroVideo, Bosch, Vivotek, BSTsecurity, Hanwha Techwin—will operate using the free S&ST operating system, which enables the cameras to run multiple AI-enabled applications in parallel. Available apps automate the analysis of video data to produce operational intelligence, as well as provide “easy-to-deploy tools that can aid in re-opening measures from the COVID-19 pandemic”. Those tools could include physical distancing management, face mask detection, etc.

The S&SR OS is built on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). The applications that can be installed on these cameras—both in an on-premise as well as a remote setting—are created by third-party developers and available through the platform’s Application Store, which currently sports more than 50 apps that deal with everything from weapon detection to parking garage payment.