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APOLAN planning big Passive Optical LAN push at BICSI 2017 Winter Conference

January 20, 2017  

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The Association for Passive Optical LAN (APOLAN), a non-profit organization that is driving adoption and educating the market about passive optical local area networks (LAN), will showcase the Association’s growing success and educational expertise at the BICSI 2017 Winter Conference & Exhibition taking place in in Tampa, Fla. next week.

The Association has a lineup of events at the show including its training seminar, “Fundamentals of Passive Optical LAN”, as well as the APOLAN annual members’ meeting featuring the Association’s first annual APOLAN Awards ceremony. The APOLAN annual members’ meeting will bring together more than 30 APOLAN members, including the Association’s newest members, Alpha Technologies, CAILabs and IT Connect.

“With passive optical LAN adoption growing at a rapid pace, it is clearly a key technology in the future of ICT, which continues to be showcased by APOLAN member presence at this show,” APOLAN technology committee chair Sean Kelly said. “BICSI continues to be a strong venue to showcase how fiber-based passive optical LAN is reducing costs, improving security, and providing a flexible, nearly future-proof LAN infrastructure for modern high-performance buildings and campuses.”

The two-day training seminar will provide an overview of the value, architecture, design and powering considerations for a Passive Optical LAN. Specific focus will be given to system components, benefits, design methodologies, power survivability using AC and DC methods, planning and commissioning of electronics, infrastructure testing, and closeout package deliverables. Attendees that complete the two-day seminar will receive 12 Continuing Education Credits (CECs). Attendee and seminar registration can be completed at the BICSI 2017 Winter website.

APOLAN will also hold its annual member meeting in conjunction with the BICSI conference, taking place on Tuesday Jan. 24 at 1:00 p.m. at Tampa Convention Center Meeting Room #10.  This year’s meeting features the 2016 APOLAN Awards ceremony, honouring member companies that have embraced the Association’s mission to educate, advocate and promote the global adoption of passive optical LANs.

For more information on APOLAN, or to apply for membership, please visit