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St. John's, Newfoundland -- Aliant's President and CEO outlined the company's path for growth today during an addre...

April 19, 2002  

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St. John’s, Newfoundland — Aliant’s President and CEO outlined the company’s path for growth today during an address at the company’s Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders.

Jay Forbes said that despite the changes of the past year — including an industry downturn, regulatory changes that are negatively affecting profits, and a still uncertain economy — Aliant has managed to adapt and maintain its course for growth.

Forbes outlined the company’s commitment to “a three-fold approach” to growing business: to maintain and develop individual companies that are industry leaders in their own sectors; to leverage various assets by collaborating and bringing integrated solutions to key global markets; and to effectively manage its portfolio of assets to maximize returns.

“This constant evaluation of our business will ensure that we invest in those areas that are profitable, retire from areas that aren’t performing to our standards, and above all, ensure our customers’ needs for advanced technology services are not only met, but exceeded, he said.”

Three new directors were also elected to the Board of Directors of Aliant Inc. during the meeting. Joining the board are Victor L. Young, former president and CEO of Fishery Products International; William D. Anderson, president of BCE Ventures Inc.; and Peter J. Nicholson, Chief Strategy Officer for BCE Inc. Additionally, Jay Forbes was appointed to the Board.

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