BIoT Canada


BIoT, an acronym for the Buildings Internet of Things, is a rapidly evolving phenomenon that will impact buildings infrastructure across all market sectors, largely due to the enormous potential it represents for being able to better understand and manage what happens in building environments. Experts predict that the global market for intelligent buildings will be worth a staggering US$75.5 billion by 2021.

Focusing on the solutions that transform automated buildings into intelligent (or smart) buildings, BIoT Canada is a digital-only publication that is distributed to a combined audience of 53,000+, consisting of:

  • IT and ICT professionals
  • Energy Manager subscribers (building managers, facility managers and operations managers across commercial, industrial and institutional segments),
  • Electrical Business subscribers (contractors involved in installing and maintaining buildings power infrastructure) and
  • Canadian Security (physical and cyber security management professionals), all proven leaders in their respective market segments.

Each issue zeroes in on the four key pillars of buildings infrastructure that when connected create building intelligence:

Networked Lighting — the fixtures, sensors and devices that make up intelligent lighting systems and improve energy efficiency and occupant comfort and productivity
Environmental Controls — the connected equipment, machines and devices that enable improved energy efficiency and occupant comfort and productivity
Connectivity — all of the buildings infrastructure components must be connected to enable data acquisition and analysis essential to the creation of intelligent buildings
Security & Safety — the devices and systems that ensure occupant safety, and physical and cyber security.


Editorial contact:
Kavita Sabharwal-Chomiuk

Sales contacts:
Anthony Capkun
416 510-5216
905 717 6421 (cell)